It's never too late #breakthebias

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It's never too late to breakthebias

It's no longer March 8, but the mission behind International Women's Day never stops.

Breaking gender biases takes awareness, recognition and action. And this March, Atiom will #breakthebias by making our app openly available until 31 March, with content that focuses on creating diversity, equity and inclusion at work.

What you can expect:

  • Bite-sized learning resources from United Nation's International Women's Day
  • News, community forum and surveys on actionable steps towards DEI at work
  • Calendar of events and webinars in celebration of Women's History Month

No matter how small - how bite-sized - it takes everyday shifts to create real change.


Atiom is a mobile-first training solution that makes training and engagement measurable, efficient, and effective. Request Your Demo Here.

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