We’ve all heard that employee recognition is key to an organization’s growth — but what does it actually do?

Employee recognition helps employees build a sense of security in their value to the company and motivates them to do great work. Recognition can have a significant effect on a company’s retention. A recent report by Gallup and Workhuman shows that 74% of employees surveyed who receive recognition only a few times a year plan on quitting within the year. The turnover rate, however, drops by 31% with more frequent recognition.


When adequately recognized for their work, employees work smarter, harder, and happier. With 70% of companies already adopting a digital transformation strategy or on their way to adopting one, digitizing employee recognition is more important than ever. Here are some ways Atiom can digitize recognition to make employees engaged and empowered at work every day.

Here are some ways Atiom helps employees gain self-recognition in their company.


1. Leaderboards

Atiom rewards users for their daily learning, engagement and communication habits. Leaderboards offers a quick-glance into the team’s efforts by seeing who’s the most engaged in the team, and provides a consistent way to measure employees’ success across all app functionality. The more points the user accumulates, the higher they will be on the leaderboard. Champions and top teams will be highlighted in the app every month, giving employees a sense of accomplishment. It also helps employees feel recognized for the efforts they are putting into their jobs and gives meaning to tasks that may otherwise be boring to complete (such as compliance training.)


2. News Feed

Have you ever sent a company-wide email to congratulate your teammate on their promotion, and wondered….Has anyone has read it?

With Atiom’s News Feed, you can keep teams up to date with the latest information and recognize them for their work — such as job promotions, reaching Top 10 on the leaderboard, etc.You can share posts with text, video, images, files, or links-style content to different teams or individuals, share updates in real-time, and even schedule the news to be published at a specific date. Employees will also be able to interact with the post’s media, like the post, or comment on it and also get feedback from it.


3. Community Forums

A channel for community support and social learning, Community Forums allows employees to get together and discuss topics that are important to their jobs and to the company. This is also a public channel for managers to recognize employees through their personal experience and testimonies.

Managers can define any number of topic forum boards via the admin portal. Employees can empower each other to share the best practices via text, image, video, or links right from their mobile phones. Individual comments can receive likes or comment replies to facilitate discussion between team members.


4. Achievements

At Atiom, we take gamified engagement seriously. From virtual items, rewards, and achievements, our goal is to help employees and workplaces drive performance through engaging touchpoints that can be experienced anytime and anywhere. As users complete daily tasks and reach their goals, they will be able to redeem virtual items and rewards.

Earning rewards and achievements can be a powerful motivating force, and serve as incentives to motivate employees to perform their best every day. Achievements allow users to feel proud and recognized for the efforts while using Atiom and provide a quick glance of all that they have accomplished. Managers are also able to use Atiom’s analytics function to keep track of users’ progress and observe who’s the one winning all the prizes. Additionally, companies are also able to add their own company rewards in exchange of the virtual items, such as gift cards and small prizes.


Bottom line

We want employees to gain recognition and those who work hard to be rewarded. Everyone will get an equal opportunity to compete on Leaderboards, and always keep in touch on the News Feed and Community Forums. Atiom’s mobile app offers a platform for you to show off your hard work and a chance to be recognized!

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