Employees on Atiom will not only find themselves gaining new knowledge, but also realised that it helps them to gain self-recognition in their company. This allows their employers to notice them for their hard work and persistence as keen learners. As a result, this elevates them on a higher foothold and allows their employers to have a favorable impression of them! Who doesn’t want to be acknowledged for their efforts?

Here are some ways Atiom helps employees gain self-recognition in their company.

1. Using up the 3 tokens

In the Atiom mobile application, every user only has 3 tokens that allow them to undergo the modules. Each course uses one token. Upon using 3 tokens, this means that users have fully completed 3 courses! This creates a sense of satisfaction among users as they feel extremely accomplished!

Users would have learned something during these 5 to 10 minutes instead of wasting it on something else. Undoubtedly, this will definitely encourage users to cultivate a habit of learning every day and apply this in their day-to-day life. Overall, users will feel as if they’re leading a more fulfilling life by learning something every day, regardless of how old they are.

As the Chinese saying goes, one is never too late to learn.

2. Company Rewards

As users complete the modules and reach their goals, they will be able to redeem rewards. These rewards serve as an incentive to motivate users to continue learning every day. Employers are also able to use Atiom’s analytics function to keep track of users’ progress and observe who’s the one winning all the prizes!

3. Achievements

Using the Atiom can allow you to reach greater heights and you’ll find yourself achieving something. Upon finishing a course or module, this means that you have now gained new knowledge.

Additionally, companies may even choose to print out Certificates for employers who have completed a specific module or a certain number of assigned modules. This allows employers to have a tangible certificate that allows them to feel that they are acknowledged for their hard work and efforts. For example, one of our clients, Compass Group printed our hard copy certificates for their employees who have completed the courses. This action tells employees that their boss values them and cares for them, creating a positive workplace overall.

4. Points System

Atiom’s point system is built to motivate and drive behavior change. To score an even higher point, users would have to continue using the Atiom app to learn every day to earn study streak points. This opens the door to a wider and greater variety of rewards! Additionally, high exit test scores will also entail higher points. As such, users would have to be paying attention to what is taught in the module!

Additionally, the higher the points system means that the higher the chances of getting on to the leaderboard where employees and employers (everyone, really) can see you. The leaderboard notification pops up every time at the start of the app, which means that it will be impossible to miss it. This allows employees to have a higher chance of gaining recognition from their employers!

In conclusion...

We want those who work hard to be rewarded, which is why Atiom is the perfect solution. Everyone will get an equal opportunity to compete on the leaderboard. Even if you’re shy or an introvert, using Atiom’s mobile app offers a platform for you to display your hardworking character and a chance to be recognized!

ATIOM is a mobile-based training solution that speeds up communication and real-time learning with your frontline teams. Request Your Demo Here.

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