In times of uncertainty and instability, it's easy to lose motivation at work. Subsequently, this often results in disengaged teams.

For frontliners, however, life goes on in times of crisis. This is especially so in the hospitality industry where the grind ensues, even as the world goes into a lockdown.

Keeping frontline workers motivated is tough, yet extremely important. As the economy recovers, how can we continue to keep frontliners motivated during Covid-19 recovery? What can employers do to make sure they are being supported equally and adequately as those working from home during this recovery season?

1. Recognize them

Recognition is a form of extrinsic motivation - that is, motivation driven by external factors, like praises or rewards - and a cornerstone of employee motivation. It is crucial for employers to create a working environment that is positive and makes employees feel like all voices are of equal value. The power is in the hands of employers.

As the world shifts back into recovery, Atiom helps company regain traction by targeting at the team members. One such way is through recognizing the efforts of employees, which is an essential step for recovery from the devastasting pandemic.

Here are some steps Atiom practice to ensure that all employees are equally treated and recognized:

The moment you open the Atiom app, a leaderboard pops up and ranks the employees based on the highest points. These points are attained through attending modules and doing well in the tests. As such, employers will immediately recognize employees who have been actively attending the modules and being an engaged learner throughout.

Based on the leader boards, companies can chose to present them with certificate or rewards to motivate them. For example, Nan Fung group used Atiom’s analytics and leader board to track on employees who have been actively engaged in learning. Following then, they publicly rewarded them with certificates as a form of encouragement for their hard work and efforts in learning.

When more people see each other being recognized, and the more they feel like they are contributing to the success of the company, the more motivated they will be to replicate these recognition-gaining actions.

Recognition is addictive because receiving recognition triggers the release of dopamine. This positive, feel-good association with being recognized fuels the desire to be recognized again.

2. Seek feedback

Seeking feedback is crucial in understanding the well-being and thoughts of your employees. By creating feedback channels, it allows for a space where employees can share about information and their feelings.

By asking things like: ‘how do you feel?’, ‘what can we improve on?’, ‘how helpful was lesson x on y?’, ‘what should we cover next?’, you are better informed on how best to serve your employees and contractors - it puts you in tune with their state of mind and needs.

At Atiom, we understand this. That’s why upon finishing each module, a wellness tracker will appear to ask learners to rate their stress level! By providing learners and employees with the opportunity to share their mental well-being, you are providing them with the essential other component to empowerment - you are giving them a voice. Upon getting the feedbacks, you can then follow up with employees within the danger zone and work something out to help them ease their stress level.

3. Communicate clearly

Those on the frontlines who are spending their days outside, on-the-go, when most of the world has been ordered to stay inside, will have legitimate concerns about their health. As such, as employers, it is important that we make their job as smooth as possible. Given the rapidly evolving nature of the Covid-19 outbreak, information needs to be sent out in a way that’s both quick for you to create as well as easy to access for your workforce.

Using the right tools to ensure that information is shared equally is crucial. If people begin to feel lost or disconnected, not only will they feel that they are being uncared for, their motivation suffers as well.

They also most likely won’t be at a computer, or have a laptop to hand. So not only should you ensure knowledge and information is being delivered in an ongoing and timely way. You should be striving to reach them where they’ll be able to access it - i.e. their smartphones.

With Atiom, you can do just that. As Atiom is a one-stop platform for companies to store key information such as new policies and handouts, your frontliners will be able to access them anytime of the day at any place!

In Conclusion…

Ensuring that out frontline workers are motivated is essential for a successful workforce, especially since they are the ones spearheading the economy. With key tips and tools, employers can make them feel that they are appreciated. Atiom is just the perfect tool to bridge front liners, back-end staffs and employees together!

ATIOM is a mobile based training solution that speeds up communication and real-time learning with your frontline teams. Request Your Demo Here.

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