When we are all forced to work from home, sharing videos is the closest form of interaction or human intimacy when the global pandemic strikes. While this may be an unfamiliar transition from the face-to-face meetings that most are used to, we believe that sharing videos can actually benefit the workplace.

Here’s why we believe that sharing videos is one of the best tool to employ during this Covid-19 season.

1. Improve Attendee Focus and Engagement

When you record your business meetings, you’ll create an exact record of everything that was presented and discussed — a perfect fallback resource for anyone who’s ever had the thought, “didn’t we cover that in our last conversation?”
So here’s the next question. What if you don’t have time for meetings or what if you’re half way through and forgot to record it? Here’s where Atiom’s platform comes to play. Atiom allows you can record your meeting or share videos that you wished for your employees to view. What makes this even better is that you can pre-record a meeting and publish during your desired time with our push notification function – that way, your team will never ever miss out on any information! When attendees know a recording will be available, they won’t be distracted by writing or taking notes on their computers — allowing them to focus and participate more deeply, and in turn, making your meetings more valuable and effective.

2. Easily Get New Contributors Up To Speed

When new members come on board, it is essential to get them up and running quickly. Recording your meetings acts as an investment in this future onboarding, creating an on-demand record of every “how” and “why” in your projects and processes that your new people can watch (and even re-watch) to help themselves understand the way things work and what steps will be next. Atiom’s platform allows for just that. Simply create a module to convey your message and upload your video together with it. Do this once and you don’t have to do it again (unless there’s any changes in the policies)! With Atiom, you get to do what you usually do but simultaneously saving lots of time!

3. Share Knowledge or Training With Other Employees

Often, revealing new knowledge in a meeting counterintuitively can lead to more work. Once they realised that someone is equipped with new knowledge, requests will start zooming in no time, leaving lesser time for your own expertise. Atiom’s platform was built exactly for this purpose! Training your employees whenever and wherever while saving time. Having a recording of the initial meeting and upload it on a Atiom’s platform can go a long way to instantly share knowledge with others without taking more time away from your expertise.

4. Work Around Scheduling Conflicts

Sometimes, arranging a meeting with many members in your team may be difficult, especially if some are working from other parts of the country. Web conferencing can remove location barriers, but it won’t allow people to attend two meetings. When you start recording your internal meetings, busy employees and leaders have more control in their schedule and can add value to the team since they are able to view, replay or verify information from the meeting.

5. Search and Replay Meaningful Moments

Humans beings aren’t perfect. With all the information covered in a productive meeting — data on slides, ideas on whiteboards, topics covered in conversation — it’s quite easy for even the most attentive participants to miss a point or misunderstand an instruction. This is why recording a meeting and sharing it with your team members is an effective decision. With Atiom, you not only can record a meeting and upload the video there, you can further elaborate your notes, instructions and other information you wished to highlight further to your team! Furthermore, mini tests can be set up to ensure that everyone has gotten the message.

ATIOM is a mobile based training solution that speeds up communication and real-time learning with your frontline teams. Request Your Demo Here.

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